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Artful Afternoon

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Artful Afternoon is a series of workshops, designed in partnership with the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia, created for those with dementia, as well as their partners in care, to connect with art. Sessions are offered in-person or virtually, which includes a gallery tour or presentation of art work, which is followed by a hands-on activity led by artist Lux Habrich. Guidance is provided to all participants, in-person or virtually, to encourage confidence, creativity, imagination, and the development of artistic skills.

Artful Afternoon is in partnership with:

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The Windsor Foundation and

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Through the support and encouragement of our partners and volunteers, the group is able to explore art as well as socialize in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Our goal is to foster a supportive environment that can lead to the development of friendships and discussions based on the shared experiences of the participants.

Fall 2024 dates will be released early Summer.


There is no cost for this program but registration is required and includes all four sessions, either in-person or virtually. No art experience is necessary.

To register, please contact the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia at 1 800 611 6345.

Artful Afternoon from Home

Join artist Lux Habrich, facilitator of the Artful Afternoon program, in the comfort of your own home for a virtual tour or virtual session.

May 2021 (~8 minutes in length)
April 2021 (~9 minutes in length)
March 2021 (~7 minutes in length)
February 2021 (~9 minutes in length)
January 2021 (~9 minutes in length)
Maud Video (~10 minutes in length)
Join artist Lux Habrich, facilitator of the Artful Afternoon program, for a virtual tour on the works by beloved Nova Scotian folk artist, Maud Lewis. During this time of COVID, the colourful artworks of Maud and her tiny painted home, covered with images such as birds, butterflies, and flowers, magnify the artist’s resiliency and the power of art to positively impact the human spirit. For many who are isolated during this challenging time, this video brings the world of Maud and her depiction, through observation and memory, of her simple and creative life in rural Nova Scotia.
Ostrom Video (~7 minutes in length)

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