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School Outreach

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Chantal Gibson, Souvenir, 2017. Purchased with funds provided by the Charles Anthony Law and Jane Shaw Law Charitable Trust, 2021.

The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia provides a variety of school programs ranging from those designed for the very young in early education programs to those attending post-secondary programs at colleges, universities, and alternative educational settings. Students develop further critical and creative thinking skills by engaging in meaningful art activities inspired by the Gallery’s collection and exhibitions. Interactive in nature, school programs encourage self-expression and multiple ways of understanding ideas and issues.


ArtsSmarts is a Canada-wide education initiative dedicated to improving the lives and learning capacity of Canadian children and youth by supporting innovative arts-based learning projects in schools. In this province, the program is operated as ArtsSmarts Nova Scotia by the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia with support from Arts Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. ArtsSmarts Nova Scotia allows the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and partners to develop, fund and promote our cultural resources with school communities throughout Nova Scotia.

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How to Apply | For Artists 

Artists who want to work on an ArtsSmarts Nova Scotia project must apply to be listed with the program and submit an up-to-date resume or CV.

Artists must submit their application one month prior to the current Letter of Interest deadline. Once approved, artists are listed according to their main artistic discipline and the school board region where they live. Artists that are already listed with ArtsSmarts Nova Scotia do not need to reapply to the program.

Apply Today

How to Apply | For Teachers

Schools interested in receiving ArtsSmarts Nova Scotia project funding are invited to submit a Letter of Interest. The maximum amount of project funding provided by ArtsSmarts Nova Scotia is $2,000.

This year, educators can develop and submit ArtsSmarts project Letters of Interest, as well as submit expressions of interest in piloting ArtsSmarts project ideas developed by the Program’s Coordinators. Once completed, pilot project activities and resources will be available online for educators to access and use in their classrooms.

For additional information, contact Adam Graham at

Letter of Interest


ArtReach is an educational partnership between the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia Department of Education. This program establishes connections with Nova Scotia public schools, supporting opportunities to work with students, teachers, artists, and communities across the province.

Since 2005, ArtReach has provided innovative and imaginative ways to integrate the arts into the learning of young people and others in their communities. ArtReach also offers online curriculum resources, in-service teacher training, student art exhibitions, and specially designed school/community collaborative projects inspired by exhibitions at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.

ArtReach is supported by the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in partnership with the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

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Workshop Format

ArtReach workshops link with artworks in the Gallery’s Permanent Collection and are delivered by the classroom teacher as well as an artist who live-streams virtually to the classroom. Each workshop includes an activity plan linked to the curriculum as well as visual resources such as slideshows and handouts. The supply costs for one workshop are also included in the program.


Once registration opens teachers can reserve their workshop spot through our online system. Approved workshop requests are limited to one per school, per year. After registration closes, workshop confirmations will be sent out the following week. Workshops need to be scheduled and delivered by May 31, 2024.

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2023 – 2024 Workshops

  • Abstraction, Colour, and Perspective with Terry Drahos (Grades 3 – 6)

    Students will learn to paint using the principles of abstraction, colour, and perspective. This workshop is based on artwork by Rita Letendre in the AGNS permanent collection. Artist Terry Drahos will be facilitating these sessions in person so registration is limited to schools in the Lunenburg area.

  • The Magic of Paper Dye with Brigitta Zhao- Virtual (Grades 3 – 6)

    In this workshop, students will learn how to create geometrical patterns through paper folding. Color dying is a quick and magical way for students to experiment the colour relations and experience both intuition and rational decision-making in creating artwork. This workshop is based on the artwork Opposition Triangulaire by Guido Molinari from the AGNS Permanent Collection.

  • First Impressions with Julie Rosvall – Virtual (Grades 3 – 6)

    Learn the basics of printing by hand using easily accessible materials.  Students can create greeting cards for family and friends, a one of a kind artwork to hang in their room, or experiment with pattern and graphics to incorporate in future projects.

  • Creating a Superhero with Boma Nnaji – Virtual (Grades 5 – 9)

    Create a unique superhero character through the application of basic art principles and the use of geometric shapes! Students will learn how to use proportions and geometric shapes to guide the creation of their character. Artwork by Tom Forrestall in the AGNS Permanent Collection will be used as reference to explore shading and application of colour.

  • This Is My Story with Israel Ekanem – Virtual (Grades 7 – 12)

    This workshop is designed to empower students with the principles, tools, and best practices of storytelling. Students will learn the essence of story, craft compelling narratives, and learn the power of authenticity by infusing personal experiences into their creative work.

ArtReach Online Resources

ArtReach Lesson Plans

The following lesson plans have been developed by Nova Scotia teachers and artists for the Gallery’s ArtReach program and are available to everyone. We hope you enjoy the suggested strategies and activities and we welcome your feedback.

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